The three generations of l'auberge de Schmargult

1919: Jean NEFF

1948-1986: Jean-Jacques NEFF

1987: Marguerite NEFF



Our family is present on the stubble Schmargult since 1919.


My grandfather, John Neff, praised the common pasture for his cattle and that he had rented. In marcaire, there were a few tables to eat omelets, bacon, and of course toffailles Munster cheese! This one was manufactured in the same room located in the cauldron above the fire that warmed hikers.

In 1940, my grandfather hired a young cowherd Metzeral, Jean-Jacques NEFF, which was soon seduced my mother Berthilde NEFF. My parents had four children: my brother, Jean-Jacques, who officiates in the kitchen with his wife, sister, Françoise, who is based in Munster, and my brother Martin, who operates the farm with his wife and son; and I herself, Marguerite.

In 1969, my father bought the thatch to the town and undertook major work to transform a modest little restaurant marcaire in a room of 120 seats and a hotel with 8 rooms.

He passed his hand in 1987 and in my turn, I began to change our hostel, reorganizing the kitchen and the main entrance and renovation off all rooms.

So in the spirit of this family legacy that we welcome you with pleasure and we will enjoy the pleasures of local Vosges.